What's the OpenKeta

OpenKeta is a novel kernel Web server with software pipeline architecture. There are two different servers, including OpenKeta@FreeBSD on FreeBSD platform and OpenKeta@Linux on Linux.

With the boost of Internet and Web applications traditional web servers cannot satisfy the requriements. To meet the requriements we try design and implement a novel kernel web server. OpenKeta just accelerate the static HTTP request and redirect the dynamic HTTP request to extern Web server. That is similiar with TUX on Linux platform.

The most attractive characteristic of OpenKeta is its software pipeline architecture. It decreases the server's parallelism granularity and let requests can be operated overlapped. We divide whole HTTP request into several pipeline stages and each stage processes special request step independently. Therefore, even the request needs blocking I/O operation the blocked thread just is the stage's processing thread and other threads can process another request. Moreover, server can operate requests overlapped. It means that server can gain intra-request parallelism and get better performance.

It's framework as following:


Hardware requments:
    CPU : SMP, faster than 1 Ghz
    MM : more than 2 GM
    Network: Gbit Interface

Software requments:
    FreeBSD v5.4 or v6.0

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Description Files Platform Attributes
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v1.11 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v1.11.tar.gz FreeBSD 97249 bytes, i386, 2006-12-07 09:27
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v1.10 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v1.10.tar.gz FreeBSD 96130 bytes, i386, 2005-11-25 09:02
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v1.02 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v1.02.tar.gz FreeBSD 90204 bytes, i386, 2005-06-21 23:36
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v1.01 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v1.01.tar.gz FreeBSD 90099 bytes, i386, 2005-06-20 16:36
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v1.0 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v1.0.tar.gz FreeBSD 88196 bytes, i386, 2005-06-11 01:24
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v0.81 OpenKETA_FreeBSD_v0.81.tar.gz FreeBSD 89930 bytes, i386, 2005-06-01 14:07
OpenKeta@FreeBSD v0.8-alpha OpenKETA_v08_alpha.tar FreeBSD 464384 bytes, i386, 2005-04-29 14:37

Bug Report

Under Contructed!


Pine Tan

Join Us

We need some volunteers to make OpenKETA more powerfule and stable. If you have interesting, please send a Email to Pine Tan.